TSD: How I am using my Virtual Assistant

How I use my virtual assistant will change over time, but for now I am using her to upload our shirt designs for our members from our Dropbox into the website.  I started out doing that myself but it became way to time consuming.

Here is what I am going to start having my VAs do this month in addition to that task:

  • Start uploading designs to new Instagram account
  • Start uploading designs to Pinterest account

I will post pretty soon about my experiments with Instagram and Pinterest but I know that there are lots of people killing it with Instagram ads and Pinterest.  Here is a great article about tips for Instagram ad success.  And here is one for Pinterest.

Example video of feedback

Any relationship can be either great or at least mutually beneficial when you have great communication.  Working with your VA is no different.  I recommend you use either Skype or Slack to communicate with your VA’s but it doesn’t always have to be over text.  Sometimes you need to do a show and tell.  Here is a quick video I did to show my VA a detail I needed her to address when uploading my shirt designs to my TeePublic account:

What VA service do I use?

using my virtual assistantI found Nathan’s VA service in a Facebook Group a few months ago.  He’s very well respected in the Amazon world and he has VAs ready to go to assist in Amazon Merch and any other eCommerce tee shirt stuff you need them to do.  He basically has hundreds of VAs on staff and after a brief interview he sets you up with a VA that your going to be the most successful with.

How are you using your VAs?

Would love for everyone to leave a comment and tell us how your using your VAs in your eCommerce business, even if it’s not in the tee shirt niche.


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