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Instagress Review [2017]

I got a referral for Instagress while in a very popular Shopify group on Facebook.  The guy who posted about it claimed that 90% of his traffic and sales come from Instagram and he credited Instagress for these consistent sales.

This expert shared a screenshot of his sales and he’s pulling down $40K a week in hip hop baseball jerseys (WTF…who wears those?).  So I thought I would pop over and give it a try for a few days. I’ve been trying it now for two days and I have to say I am very impressed.

I was so impressed that I went ahead and added my mature and vetted Food Revolt account to the service to help me grow that one into a 10K following.

So how does it work?

So Instagress deploys “bots” or automatic actions on your behalf on your Instagram account so you don’t have too.  And we’re not just talking about “double tapping” a bunch of pictures either. The service literally mimics your actions based on a bunch of preset goals and defined behaviors that you might exhibit if you were actually doing the activity yourself.

Why is this important?  Well, like hiring a VA…anything you can do to outsource your repetitive work and free up time to concentrate on other more revenue generating activity is always the smartest way to approach your business.

Ever wonder how these major brands get MILLIONS of followers, hearts and comments?

It would be cost prohibitive to actually hire someone to sit at a computer all day and manage their Instagram account.  Big business uses solutions to handle these social media tasks and now…so can you.

2 day results with Instagress

I couldn’t believe how fast the application was working when I went back in and checked the data for my new account for famouslyBLANK.  With just two days in, Instagress had already posted 488 Likes, made 135 Comments, Followed 180 accounts and Unfollowed 171 accounts.

Why do they unfollow?

Instagram rewards you for a “balanced” account so if your too heavy on either side then it throttles your growth.  So in other words…you can’t follow everyone and no one follows you.  Or you can’t be stubborn and have everyone follow you and you don’t follow accounts in return.

Instagram is all about harmony in their algorithms and it’s application will systematically look for imbalance and strike you down.instagress review

In my case, after two days Instagress left a net difference of 9 accounts between the follows and unfollows.  I’ll defer to their judgment in this case but I agree with the actions.  But after two days with absolutely no interaction, I now have 13 followers.

That’s 13 more than I would have most likely if I was doing the activity myself.  And I didn’t have to waste that time doing the activity either.  It’s on autopilot baby.

This will become extremely important down the road once I start adding multiple accounts to grow my tee shirt empire because I won’t have the time to screw around with this social media stuff.  But it’s still extremely important.


OK so this seems like a good idea, a great service and one that you can leverage long term right?  So how much does it all cost?

The 30 day plan for $9.99 is their main value plan and that is incredibly cheap for automatic growth in any channel.  Of course they are not doing anything and their bots are doing all the work but I think that is considered in the price.

I can literally have this system cranking away every month for the price of a venti macchiato from Starbucks.  And when you start selling tee shirts from this sort of activity, then you’ll really see the value.

Another reason why the service is really fairly priced is because their is sustained value from every follower you get.  People are still very impressed when they see follower counts in the thousands so imagine when your account get’s over 10K?  That’s credibility in the eyes of the potential customer and that means MONEY.

Settings and Targets

What makes the tool really strategic is how granular you can get with the targeting.  let’s say for example you’re running a “beach” tee shirt company and want to target people in your niche who live on the coasts near beaches.

No problem.  Just go and set your system to target hashtags like:  #beach, #beachday, #coastalliving, etc

Or better yet, just target posts about cities on the coasts like Los Angeles, Miami, Texas, etc.

All of that flexability is built into the dashboard as you can see below.



Don’t be the drunk pilot

I do have to mention a big word of caution to everyone as you sign up for their service.  Make sure you listen to their instructions as you sync your Instagram account with your Instagress account.  You’re going to be presented with a dashboard as you sign on and it looks like the picture above with all these cool triggers and levers to rocket your Instagram account but if you don’t follow their suggestions you could get your account banned and deleted.

So don’t sit in the cockpit and just pull a bunch of levers or push a bunch of buttons.  Start out on the slow speed and work your way up to a faster posting behavior as time progresses.

Wrapping It Up

All-in-all, I can’t think of a better and more affordable way to put your social media account on autopilot so i encourage all of our readers to go and sign up for an account and get your tee shirt empire moving.  I hope this review has helped you and if you have experiences using Instagress and would like to comment below, we would love to hear what you have to say.


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