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GearBubble: A Review for Everyone


So I’m not sure how I found the group on Facebook but it’s no surprise I did since everyone lives on Facebook, especially online sellers.  It’s where everyone congregates to stay up on the latest trends, follow the gurus in all the niches and lots of business gets done on Facebook too.

When I came across the Low Hanging System group I was curious as to what is actually being sold in the group or better yet, what was the process that everyone was following in order to make the sales that they were boasting about.  It doesn’t take long to figure out what the niche and the process is in any new group though, just takes a few minutes essentially.

Lots of folks are confused at first when they join my group at Amazon Merch & Beyond but they quickly get it not too long after.

What is Gear Bubble

So after I snooped around a little and read some posts and comments I realized that Gear Bubble and the Low Hanging System (which I think means Low Hanging Fruit) is an Amazon Dropshipping application that actually works, doesn’t violate the terms of service and has pretty good profit margins.

But more importantly, I quickly realized that it could be automated.

Automated in a way that doesn’t really have any upfront costs to it.  And I think this is the future of eCommerce to be honest.

Drop Shipping as you know it

Drop Shipping as we know it today is where you post an item on some social media site or ecommerce channel store and wait till someone buys it and then it gets either created or made and shipped from an outside vendor, directly to the client.  And this is typically done manually.

The bad drop shipping process, the one that violates their TOS (Terms of Service) is where you create a listing for an item you don’t have possession of and when it gets bought you turn around and buy the item on (let’s say Walmart) and have it directly shipped to the customer on Amazon.  Bad seller.

Automated Drop Shipping

Gear Bubble is the manufacturer and not another retail competitor of Amazon so they are the same as, say a Chinese company over seas, that a lot of folks leverage today for drop shipping.  But that process is horrible or at least it’s full of risks.

What’s unique and what they claim to have spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on (which could be true because I’ve already spent at least $50K on is the actual application which lets you automate the listing process from there app to your Amazon account.  So it’s dead simple to load numerous product listing into your Amazon account and just wait for them to sell.

So the process looks like this if you’re confused right now (don’t worry, I was at first too):

  1. Create your design (Canva, PicMonkey, etc)
  2. Load your design on the Gear Bubble website as a product
  3. Toggle over to the “drop shipping” dashboard within Gear Bubble and upload your product to your Amazon account
  4. Wait for a sale
  5. They fulfill the order
  6. You get paid and profit

Still confused?  I was too.  Watch this quick video as I walk you through the process from A-Z

Long Term Plans for Gear Bubble

So since it really doesn’t cost me anything to throw up a bunch of designs, I am treating this like the early days of Amazon Merch where everyone tiered automatically after 25 sales and guys were just throwing up hundreds and thousands of shirt designs and seeing what stuck.  I’m going to list hundreds and hundreds of designs.  Until my inventory limit reaches it’s capacity.

How am I going to do it?  I already have made the training videos and now I plan on having my kickass Virtual Assistant who I trust design and upload 60+ designs a day for an entire month.

After I get a few winners (consistently selling mugs) then I’ll order a BULK amount of those mug designs and send them in FBA to make the buying experience even better for the customer.

Stay tuned for more shirt and mug updates to see how I do.  Take this journey with me and comment below with your thoughts!


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  1. Dude it’s Jason….Definitely want updates on this as often as you can. I am going to join you in this journey

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