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Passive Income Ideas: Jan 2016 Income Report

Whoa!  I’m totally fricking late on this report as it’s March 6th when I sat down to write this but that’s a good thing for me because it’s been a real busy start to the year.  It’s not really a good thing for my accountability however which is why I decided to publish income reports in the first place.

Let’s dive in shall we? – $74.50

Google Adsense: $16.94
Wedding Planner: $29.97
Amazon Affiliate Links: $27.59

Food Revolt earned roughly $75 in January which is peanuts, but I have big plans for the site.  The good thing is that Amazon didn’t really slash the category for affiliate commissions that most of my visitors buy in so future earnings shouldn’t be impacted too much.  passive income ideasTheir announcement really sent ripples through the blogging community and for some smaller electronic review sites it’s a complete bankrupt story now for them.

That’s why you NEVER want to have all your eggs in one basket.  You NEED multiple streams of income in today’s world.

The Wedding Planner/Checklist is waning in sales right now but has historically performed well so I’ve decided this week to hire a VA to write a complete eBook for me.  passive income ideasSo the eBook will be a complete wedding planner guide for a food truck wedding AND will include the original checklist. That will allow me to raise the price and I think it will offer tremendous value to the bride.  More importantly though, I’m looking to increase my conversion rate so I will most likely hire a copywriter too!

Other things I’ve done to bolster the brand is launched a brand new food truck YouTube channel.  Lots of aspiring food truckers go to YouTube to get a free education on opening and running a food truck so I want to capitalize on that traffic and drive them back to the website as well. – $2,228.19

AccelerList is doing well as we added 22 new paying customers in the month of January and we continued to listen to them as we plan out future features for the application.  Starting and running a SaaS software business is no joke.  It’s a lot of hard work.

passive income ideas

Although I am posting gross monthly revenue from the company, Jeff and I haven’t really taken any money from the business since we started.  We’re in this for the long game and that means sinking every single dollar back into the company for development costs, sponsorships, advertising, etc.

In a different post I’ll list out all the services we use to keep the ship humming on all six cylinders but I can tell you right now that server costs are the biggest expense for a SaaS software company start up, outside of labor.  We don’t have any employees yet so that is not a cost for us. – $2,476.98

Merch Candy is really gaining speed right now as I write this in March but it was doing well in January as well because we added 17 new customers that month.  Merch Candy is a design membership club for online tee shirt entrepreneurs. 

There are thousands of people making great money right now selling tee shirts online with Amazon, TeeSpring, TeePublic, RedBubble and a host of other POD (Print on Demand) and we provide them with ready-to-go killer designs they can buy for a low, low $10 price.  This makes it really easy and cost effective to scale up your online business with us.

I haven’t publicly said this until now but stayed tuned for some exciting details as I launch my 2nd SaaS software business in this niche.  More details to come around April/May.

The nice thing about this venture is that all the new revenue is mine.  The above total is gross revenue and I don’t want to disclose my net revenue, but we can say that the venture is definitely worth the time I put into it.

passive income ideas

It’s a great business model and win-win for me and the members who buy designs.  Everyone is happy.

I’m meeting with a senior WP developer this week to drop some real nice improvements in the site, including making it even more of a resource for tee shirt sellers online.

Thinkific Courses – $600

I don’t know exactly how much I made in January but my total eCourse sales have been $600.  I have a really popular Amazon or POD Keyword Course that 50 students have taken so far with all great reviews.

The link is here:

Amazon FBA – $569.65

I’ve been an Amazon FBA seller for a long time now and used to clear thousands each month but my selling has really slowed to a crawl because of the software and other business I’m running. However, this just proves that you can make a really decent living selling on full or part time.

passive income ideas

There are a lot of gurus out there and they all are promising how to capitalize on the Amazon gold rush.  Tread carefully.  I never once bought an expensive course and learned everything the old fashioned way.  YouTube, blog posts, Facebook groups, etc.

Wow – I have a lot of passive income ideas and stuff going on 

That’s it for the January income report.  Lots of things on my plate and I still have a full time job to boot!  Stay tuned for February’s report and you’ll see lots of updates with the March report coming as well.

Would love to hear your thoughts on any of these small online pursuits and would love to answer any questions as well.

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