October 2016 Income Report

October was my first month creating my design membership club and the very first month I started uploading tee shirts to TeePublic and Merch by Amazon.  So the results wont be fantastic but what is encouraging is that I did get three organic sales across the two platforms.  If you can throw a tee shirt up on a platform and just get one sale organically then it could be worth pouring gasoline on it in the form of ads to juice the results.  I’ll share more of what I’m doing with that next month in November’s results and posts.

Merch by Amazon

Below are the results for my first month on Merch by Amazon:

october income report

If your wondering why I sold it so cheap it’s because I haven’t “tiered” past the 25 design limit and need to sell more so I’ve lowered the price and sacrificed profit in hopes that I’ll sell more and Amazon will tier me up to 100 designs slots.  That’s how it works with them.


Had a couple of sales on TeePublic that netted me $4 in revenue too.


What tee shirts sold?

This this is my very first post about my income and given that I’m a small fish in a big pond.  I will post one of the shirts that sold for me.  I wont be doing it in the future because there are too many copycats out there but I wanted to give you some idea of the design quality of the shirts that are selling for me.  I made the image clickable so you can buy it if you like it! 🙂


November Goals

So I didn’t put up a fancy graph with income and expenses this month because it’s too sparse to really share.  Next month will be more detailed and that will be a goal for me.  But also, here is what I am trying to accomplish in November.

  • Break $300 in sales
  • Start advertising on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Engage my VA to help me do all the manual work of posting to these ad accounts
  • Load more designs in my TeePublic storefront (currently at 21)
  • Load designs to other POD (print on demand) sites

So what do you think?

Would love to hear your comments or advice below.  Bringing as many of you along as I can on this journey.

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