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Ever since folks started learning that I grew my food truck blog to over 20K pageviews a month in just a year, I’ve been getting contacted a lot for SEO consulting.  At first I turned a lot of the work down because I didn’t have the time to help people but now I’m in a position where I can.

If you are here it is because S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) scares you and the mere thought of it gives you pure anxiety….then I can help you.

Is this you?

You are a solopreneur who understands how important it is to have your business found online by Google but you are not comfortable with SEO tactics.  You also don’t understand how to get your blog posts or sites found online.

If that statement resonates with your then you need me as your SEO consultant.

Don’t be scared or nervous though, I can help you grow your blog and income to levels you never thought imaginable.  I have already done it for myself.

2 Hour SEO Expert Services Call

Here is what you can look forward to on our call

  • You will finally understand what the heck is S.E.O and how to finally get started with S.EO
  • How Search Engines work and which actions to take today to be found by them.
  • Which specific words (you get hundreds of keywords with specific strategies) you should be using on your website to get found online
  • Expert website SEO and keyword analysis from the same applications that CNN, Huffington Post and TMZ use to rank for words
  • How to Blog with SEO in Mind and learn how to use categories, tags and your post properly
  • Which plugins to use to get your blog posts found online and how to use those plugins
  • How to optimize your pages by filling in appropriate text in the Page Title and Page Description areas
  • Pinterest SEO Strategies to get your pins/boards found on Google.
  • How to list your business on Google
  • Have a FREE 6 week review consultation call to review your progress

My SEO Expert Services Promise to You

If after our two hour call, you don’t think you’ve gotten the value you should have to get you started on the right path to rocket your website traffic…I’ll completely refund you.