Hello, I’m Travis

Travis AvatarWelcome to Small Online Pursuits.  This website is a place to learn and follow my journey as I experiment with different eCommerce strategies from micro SaaS ventures to just about anything that makes money online.

I’ll be posting real life income reports for everyone to comment on and participate with.

I love comments and anything overall constructive to the journey.

My goal is to create consistent online NET income of $10,000 a month or greater.

Currently, I have a few web properties and one SaaS (software as a service) company.  For now I’ll be posting my GROSS income from all of these ventures because I’m currently funneling net income right back into the businesses I run to help expand growth.

I run virtually all of these businesses on current productivity apps like Slack, Trello, Intercom, Freshdesk, etc and I firmly believe NOW is the best time to start your online empire.

Let’s breakdown my small online pursuits shall we?


FoodRevolt.com has been a labor of love for a couple of years now.  I was plugging away at it feverishly for a long time , not really knowing what the hell I was doing.  Then one day I got sick of it and just stopped.  I took like a 3-4 month break.

Honestly thought I would never come back.  And then one day, I started writing and creating content again.  I was listening to podcasts and found some conviction and courage through them.

I came back to the website and upgraded the theme to a better one and started focusing on better keywords through SEMrush and other tools.  About another 30 days went by and sure enough…POP…POP.  The website started getting links and more traffic.

Food Revolt now regularly gets 5,000 new visitors and at least 20,000 page views a month (this is what advertisers care about the most).


99% of my time right now is spent on AccelerList and overall selling on Amazon as an FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) seller.  I got frustrated with the “other” software programs out there so I found a technical co-founder and built our own solution from the ground up.

We’re only 5 months old and we have over 100+ customers generating revenue near $2,500 monthly.  We also have about 1000 visits per month already on our company blog.


MerchCandy came about, again, when I was trying to scratch my own itch.  I was looking for great designers to help me scale my tee shirt business and it was a pain in the ass.  Then I found some great ones.

And I thought, why not share these guys with other Merch entrepreneurs.

So I created a design membership out of it. MerchCandy has been up for roughly 3.5 months now (at the time of this writing / Dec 2016) and I’ve already grossed $9,000 dollars.

Other pursuits and experiments:

SparkleGrin.com:  This is a new Amazon affiliate website property about healthy living with good family dental hygeine where most of the links on the site funnel to Amazon for their referal commission.

DentalOfficeMBA:  A new joint venture (not open yet) with my wife where we’ll be leveraging her 20+ years of experience as a Dental Office Manager to teach other DOMs across the country leadership and dental practice excellence via her online courses.


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